Room Dimensions: 17′ x 22′ (minus a corner, so 358 sq. ft.) with 13’ ceiling
P.A. systems: Yamaha MPG16X 16-channel mixing boards with built-in f/x
Speakers: Yamaha DSR115 1,500 Watt 15” 2-way mains. Floor monitors available for rental upon request.
Drum Riser
Drums: 5-piece Sunlite kit with hi-hat, crash, ride, throne, and kick pedal *
Guitar Amp: Marshall AVT50H and cab or Roland JC-55 combo *
Bass Amp: Fender BXR-60 or Hartke B210 ** Drum and amp upgrades available

Minimum Booking

3 hr minimum


Free parking, restaurants and cafes nearby

Studio Rules

No smoking, No pets, No parties


PA Systems

  • Yamaha MPG16X
  • (2) Yamaha DSR115


  • Sennheiser e835
  • Shure SM57

Drum Kit Rentals (5 pc)

  • Sunlite
  • Yamaha Stage Custom
  • Pear Export

Guitar Amp Rentals

  • Roland JC-55
  • Marshall
  • Randall Warhead
  • Mesa Dual Rectifier

Bass Amp Rentals

  • Fender BXR60
  • Hartke B210
  • Peavey MaxBass
  • Peavey Mark VIII

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