Stage One Studios opened our Laguna Hills facility in mid 2001, moving north from the Three Flags Center in Laguna Niguel off of Crown Valley parkway. We chose our current location due to its convenient, freeway-close access located just south of the Irvine Spectrum, coupled with the fact that it is central to Southern Orange County. Having evolved from Aftermath Productions and Goofy Lucy’s rehearsal studios, founded in 1995, Stage One is one of South County’s longest running production facilities still in operation. Since 1995, we have provided production services to Southern Orange County with the primary objective of making our customers happy. Partly due to our commitment to excellence, and greatly in thanks to our long-standing clients and their referrals, we have continued to provide services, even in an economy where so many other studios could not survive. In our nearly 20 years of service, our productions have seen distribution through cinema, television, radio and audio sales both nationally and internationally. In keeping up with current technologies, we continue to provide services with an eye toward the future so that we can keep all of our clients on the cutting edge of the production world. In addition to our business production services, Stage One has catered to many great international artists, including NO DOUBT (members), CORN (members), LIVE  (members), CANDLEBOX (members), DEF LEOPARD, JIMMY BUFFETT,  OINGO BOINGO (members), THE STRAY CATS (Lee Rocker), THE SURFARIS, FU MANCHU, DARKSUN, and THE ELIMINATORS, to name only a few. We have also worked with and are currently working a number of great local artists such as GAL MUSETTE, THE PEGS, COTONORMAL, BEFORE THE SATELLITES, JAPAETI, FILE UNDER D, JOINT COMMITTEE,  STANDING HAWTHORN, DECCATREE, SLEEPLESS ME, THE SOCIAL STUFF, SOUL LANDSCAPE, WONDERLOVE, BUCANNAN, JAMISON, HOLLOWELL, AJ DGRASSE, SUNCHILD, THE WATER DISTRICT, THE BADFOOTERS, DEAD MAN’S PARTY, GOLDFISH, THE WHEREABOUTS, SOMETHING HORRIBLE, MAD JONES, A SOUL TO BURN, MERMER… and many, many more.
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