The Stage One Rehearsal facility has been touted as Southern California’s finest rehearsal facility by both touring and local acts alike. Since the day the studio opened for business, people have been coming from far and wide to use our rooms; often times even when they have other options closer to home. What makes Stage One so much better than other rehearsal studios?

• LARGER rooms – our rooms are BIGGER, and cost LESS than many other studios!

• CLEANER rooms – we vacuum and clean up after EVERY rehearsal whenever possible. There is NO SMOKING inside of the building.

• SOUND ISOLATED rooms – our rehearsal rooms were designed with a focus on sound isolation. You will not find less bleed anywhere else!

• BETTER GEAR – with endorsements from Yamaha, Sennheiser, Line 6 and Fender, OF COURSE we have better gear. Come see for yourself!

• CUSTOMER CARE – we’re here for and because of our customers, and we know it! Ask for our assistance & you’ll get it!

• COST EFFECTIVE rates – we already said it, but many rehearsal studios charge MORE than Stage One, and our rooms have MORE SPACE!

• GEAT LOCATION – Stage One is less than a mile from the 5 freeway, a few miles south of the Irvine Spectrum.

• SAFE LOCATION – you don’t have to worry about getting mugged, carjacked, or having your gear stolen if you look away for a minute. It’s never happened here.

• SUNNY LOCATION – it’s Southern California, OF COURSE it’s sunny! Really we just had to use the word “location” three times… because WE’VE GOT IT!

Our rooms are clean, safe, and secure – unlike most other rehearsal facilities. Our focus is on customer service; we won’t give you attitude or treat you like you’re wasting our time. We’ve all been to those other places – you know what we’re talking about!



Room Dimensions: 15′ x 17′ (255 sq. ft.) with 13’ ceiling
P.A. system: 1000 watt Yamaha mixing board, built-in f/x
Speakers: 15” 2-way mainsFloor monitors available for rental upon request
Room Dimensions: 17′ x 22′ (374 sq. ft.) with 13’ ceiling
P.A. system: 1000 watt Yamaha mixing board, built-in f/x
Speakers: 15” 2-way main
Room Dimensions: 8′ x 8′ and 8’ x 10’
Includes Clavinova piano, no PA
Room Dimensions: 20′ x 25′ (500 sq. ft.),
20′ x 20′ wall w/15′ ceiling, 3′ radius on cyclorama corners
1,800 Watt P.A. system with MASSIVE mains