Stage One Rehearsal Studios have been located in Laguna Hills, California since 2001. An expansion of Goofy Lucy’s Rehearsal studios, the current location has five rehearsal rooms, two instruction rooms and a showcase room with a 22′ x 17′ stage. All rooms (other than the instruction rooms) come fully equipped with, and the showcase room boasts over 7,000 watts of pure power!

Goofy Lucy’s Rehearsal Studios opened in Laguna Niguel in the summer of 1995. Catering to both local bands and national acts alike, the facility soon became known for having have the best rehearsal rooms in Orange County… and beyond! The studio was so popular, there just were not enough rooms to accommodate all rehearsal requests. In 2001, Goofy Lucy’s was closed and the Stage One Rehearsal facility opened its doors as the further evolution of Goofy Lucy’s.

As musicians themselves, the designers of Goofy Lucy’s and Stage One know that a high degree of sound isolation is necessary to have truly great rehearsal rooms. This is why extra time and resources were implemented in building the facilities. Using the most current sound reinforcement technologies along with the best proven sound isolation construction and electrical techniques, the rehearsal rooms at  Stage One are the best in the business.  From Los Angeles to San Diego, from San Bernadino to the beach, better rooms simply cannot be found. Come check out our facility and see for yourself!

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