Recording Studio

Stage One’s world class recording studio is a state-of-the-art “hybrid” facility that has been designed to accommodate every aspect of analog and digital audio and video production. Our ACOUSTICALLY SHAPABLE tracking room is truly isolated from our control room, allowing for pristine recording conditions unrivaled by most other recording facilities. Our recording engineers, sound designers, and videographers have years of experience in music production, business training productions, audio books, sound effects, and film voice-overs.

Separating the Stage One tracking room and control room is a tri-wall system featuring tri-paned window paneling. The perfection of the acoustic isolation achieved by this system is second only to the impressiveness of the massive windows between the rooms – also completely sound tight! These MASSIVE pieces of acoustic glass are ultra-clear for perfect visual communication while recording. Whether recording voice-overs to our 13′ video projection from one of our three isolation booths, or tracking vocals while needing to keep eye contact with your band, you will never encounter line-of-sight issues at Stage One.

Our ACOUSTICALLY SHAPABLE recording/tracking room features wall fronted by  three-sided, rotatable panels; custom designed and built specifically for Stage One’s recording studio. Each side offers a different acoustic feature: absorption, reflection, and diffusion. In addition, suspended from our ceiling are two-sided panels featuring sound reflective and absorbant sides. Each panel of both the walls and ceiling can be separately adjusted to create any desired acoustic environment desired.

To explain what we mean by a “hybrid” recording studio, one must have a basic understing of the development of recording technology. Simply put, the recording industry has undergone huge technological advancements over the past century. The past two decades have seen a huge shift from analog equipment to digital equipment. Though digital recording “plug-ins” are capable of emulating their analog counterparts to the point of being nearly identical, many professionals and audiophiles still prefer the “real deal”. That is why here at Stage One we still offer analog recording in the form of 2″ and 1/2″ tape, as well as the most current, hi resolution digital formats. In addition, we have vintage analog preamps and compressors to satisfy even the most sophisticated ear. What’s more, if you’re looking to record with a piece of gear that we don’t have, due to our huge network of recording professionals, we can get it!

Would you like to know more about what makes Stage One one of Orange County’s finest recording studios?  Give us a call and make an appointment for a walk-through; come down and see the facilities for yourself!