Can I park in the spaces across from the studio?

Though we do not recommend parking across from the studio at any time, those businesses are closed and have never had anybody towed after business hours so far.

Do you guys sell food and beverages?

Our food/candy and soda machines are regularly stocked and full of fresh goodies. There is also a large selection of fast food, diners, and restaurants nearby.

Can we smoke in the studios?

Absolutely no smoking or vaping is allowed in the studio.

I forgot my drum sticks. Are you going to make me buy a pair?

We offer drum sticks for very reasonable prices at our accessory counter. Should you forget yours and not wish to purchase a pair ask us for a loaner pair. If we have any used sticks available we will be glad to let you borrow them.

Should I bring my cymbals?

All of our drum rentals come with Sabian B8, Zildjan ZBT or equivalent cymbals. If you have your own and prefer to use them feel free to bring them instead.

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